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Date: 01/04/06
Staff Member: Tyler
Sorry I haven't updated in so long, I've had things to do. Anyway, I've started an articles section and added lots of articles to it. Hope you enjoy that. See you soon. Also added a new poll - please vote.

Date: 08/02/06
Staff Member: Tyler
HEY. Another update! Added tonnes of lyrics to the....well, lyrics section. Have fun.

Staff Member: Tyler
HOKAI. HOKAI. WE'RE BACK Y'ALL. Ahem. Yes, so I lost the previous site's back-up. Boo-hoo. THIS ONE'S GONNA BE BETTER. And it's gonna be a TLC and Destiny's Child fan-site! How groovy is that? Yes, I know - very. And you know it, fo' sho.