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Never Be The Same Again by Melanie C ft. Left Eye
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[Melanie C Left Eye]
I call you up whenever things go wrong
You're always there you are my shoulder to cry on
I can't believe it took me quite so long
To take the forbidden step
This is something that I might regret

Come on, come on
Nothing ventured nothing gained
You are the one
The lonely heart that can't be tamed
Come on, come on
I'm hoping that you feel the same
Yeah, yeah
This is something that I can't forget

I thought that we would just be friends
Things will never be the same again
It's just the beginning, it's not the end
Things will never be the same again
It's not a secret anymore
Now you've opened up the door
Starting tonight and from now on
We'll never, never be the same again
Never be the same again
Never be the same again
Never be the same again

Now I know that we were close before
I'm glad I realized I need you so much more
And I don't care what everyone will say
Uh-uh, uh-uh
It's about you and me
And we'll never be the same again


[Left Eye]
Ugh, check it
Night and day
Black beach sand to red clay
The US to UK
From sidewalks to highways
See, it'll never be the same
What I'm saying
My mind frame never changed
'Til you came and rearranged

But sometimes it seems
Completely forbidden
To discover those feelings
That we kept so well hidden
Where there's no competition
And you render my condition
Though improbable,
It's not impossible
For a love that can be unstoppable

But wait, a fine line's between fate and destiny
Do you believe in the things that were just meant to be?
When you tell me the stories of your quest for me
Picturesque is the pictue you paint effortlessly

And as our energies mix
And begin to multiply
Everyday situations
They start to simplify
And things will never be the same
Between you and I
We intertwined our life forces
And now we're unified

[Melanie C Left Eye]