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Chilli in Maxim Magazine
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Is your show 'R U the Girl with T-Boz & Chilli' going to give us a revamped TLC?
We’re not forming a new TLC. There will never be anybody new in our group to replace Lisa, ever. Whoever the winner is will get a chance to perform on a new single for our greatest hits record and perform with us live in concert.

How does yours differ from other reality shows?
One thing you get to see is how silly T-Boz and I really are. We’ve been called the black Shirley and Laverne. 

Have advisers ever tried to curtail that TLC attitude?
When we first came out, Pebbles used to tell us: “Y’all better not curse.” But for the most part we’ve always been outspoken. You could tell when we came out—we had condoms all over our clothes. The very first TV show we were supposed to do was 'In Living Color'. It was huge back then. They asked us to take off our condoms, and we said, “No way.”

'In Living Color' dissed TLC?
Can you believe that? Someone else might have backed down. “A’ight, this is In Living Color, so we should take off our condoms.” We were like, “Forget it.” I didn’t watch In Living Color for at least six months, I was so mad.

Among others acting roles, you’ve done House Party 3 and The Parkers. What was your least favorite role?
I was on That ’70s Show as the sexy nurse. I like that show, but I hated my character. I was like, “I will never do anything like this again in my life. I feel crazy.” I can’t remember the guy’s name on the show, the little guy who looks like the dude from CHiPs?

Fez? Wilmer Valderrama?
Yes! He was dreaming he was in the hospital, and I was the sexy nurse. I said yes before I saw the script. Then I was like, “Oh! What do I have to wear?” TLC’s always been sexy, but always tasteful. It’s never, like, slutty and just yech. And they had me in one of those little white dresses and white fishnet stockings.

Yeah, sounds awful. How upsetting was your public breakup with Usher and his subsequent Confessions CD?
First of all, Confessions was not about our relationship. Period. I was in the studio with him when he recorded a lot of those songs, including “Confessions.” The only thing probably about me was a remix, way after the album was out.

Who are you going out with now?
I am so on the market, it’s crazy.

You hitting your hometown ATL clubs?
Ooh, I’m not a club person. The club scene is boring. It’s like, “God, y’all still doing this?”

So where are you gonna hook up with someone?
I’m hoping he’ll read this article and see the show and be like, “OK, I gotta find Chilli!”

What’s it going to take to land you?
I’m so afraid to be in a relationship and have someone cheat on me. I don’t want anybody who’s gonna come up here and think we’re gonna be sexin’, ’cause, you know, I’m celibate. I’m not celibate just because I don’t have anybody in my life; it’s a spiritual thing.

How long have you been celibate?
Since I’ve been away from Usher. That was my last boyfriend, so I haven’t been with anybody since. Guys wanna go out on dates, but I haven’t met anyone who’s blown me away.