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Bee, Kelly and 'Chelle on VH1.com
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The only three people who weren't surprised when Destiny's Child announced their reformation last year were the three singers themselves. Turns out Beyoncé and Kelly's solo careers and Michelle's Broadway bow in Aida were all just part of the game plan. Now they're comfortably back where they used to be, with the chart-topping Destiny Fulfilled delivering on its promise of stuttering floor-fillers and backseat ballads. So what's next? As they explained to VH1 during a whirlwind visit, sharing the ups and downs of fame, packing up the stools for a world tour, and telling a secret or two.

Did you ever think that maybe Destiny's Child wouldn't get back together?
Michelle: There was never a doubt. When we decided to do solo projects in 2001, this is what we said we would be doing - coming back in about three years. So we are very much on schedule.

Now that you've done the solo thing, what do you think are the pluses of being together?
Beyoncé: The best thing about being in a group is the friendship. When you're out on the road, you're doing all these interviews, you're touring, you're far away. [But] you have your friends with you to share those hard times and the best times. I know I really missed the ladies and they really missed me. Without the time apart, we didn't know how lucky we are and were to have each other. It's so wonderful to collaborate with other talented people that you respect.

They're really the only people who knew you before you were a star.
Beyoncé: We've grown up in a group since we were nine years old. We've shared a lot of things. Y'know, it's hard sometimes having all the responsibilities and having to make every decision, even though that's something you have to do. It was necessary for all of us to get into the studio [alone] and write about ourselves, and decide what we were going to do or not going to do. That's why we've grown so much.

Where did the concept of the "Lose My Breath" video come from?
Kelly: The director Marc Klasfeld, who we've actually never worked with before. It was a video that we were like, "That would be interesting -- us battling ourselves," especially three different versions of ourselves! Everything was just so interesting about that video -- the whole wardrobe, the hair, the makeup, the style of dance. Everything was just really well thought-out.

The "Soldier" video, though, is just you, an SUV and some dudes.
Beyoncé:We actually decided to do the complete opposite of "Lose My Breath." That was such a big production and very technical. We stripped it completely down -- black and white. There was no treatment. It was just us having a good time, basically, with a bunch of nice guys. [Laughs.]

Kelly: Soldiers! What was cool, we also featured the different regions [we sing about, like East Coast and Down South]. We showed how artistically it could be done from the cars to the guys, to the style of our clothes and everything. That video is our favorite.

Beyoncé: It actually is! And we didn't expect it to be, but it is our favorite.

You have a very physical live show. What do you do to stay in shape?
Beyoncé: Dancing to those songs in the heels -- that keeps us in shape! When we go on tour, we get a lot more disciplined, because we have a little stability in our lives. We get to the next city and we have gyms in the hotel. But it's hard when we're doing promotional things because we're up at four in the morning -- we don't go to bed until whatever time.

What's the tour like?
Beyoncé:The tour doesn't start until April. We start in Australia, Japan, all over Europe, Spain, and then we come over to America in June? July? July -- I think until September. We haven't done a tour together in years, so we've all been watching Broadway plays and musicals. Whenever we see three women [together], we're thinking ...

Michelle: ... That's us!

Beyoncé: ... that's our new style. We have so many ideas bottled up inside. The great thing about our show: we can give you a big production and a very entertaining show, but we also can give you three stools, a spotlight and some mikes and sing a cappella. So it's from one extreme to the next.

One of the best things you ever did was at the Concert for New York City where it was just three stools and a guitarist.

Beyoncé: Thank you! That's our favorite thing to do, actually. The dancing and all of that is great, but it's nothing like three-part harmony. This is something that connects us together and it's still so wonderful and pure.

Michelle, what did you learn from performing on Broadway?

Michelle: Broadway is excellent. I wish the girls could do some Broadway. It's life-changing.

Beyoncé: She got some tips!

Michelle: Oh, I got some tips! There are some secrets that Broadway has, y'know, so I think I'm gonna tell them. We're gonna share all of our secrets that we've learned throughout the years!